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    Rainbow Jelly Friend
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    Wisdom and Whiskers
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    Island Guardian
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    Yarn Pal
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    Beachside Wombat
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    Nature's Palette
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    Tea Cup Cascade
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    Fruitful Bounty
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    Corporate Choas
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    Midnight Sunflowers
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    Infinite Petals
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    Queen of the Greenwood
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    Melody in Motion
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    Vibrant Sugar Skull
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    Pastel Alley
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    Harmony at High Tide
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    Prismatic Felines
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    Celestial Shoreline
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    Cosmic Petals
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    Patchwork Puppy
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    Bloom Buggy
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    Bubble Whisker Wonders
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    Whimsical Watcher
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    Gemstone Guardian
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    Constallation of Cuddles
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    Vibrant Colour Coded Vinyl Sticker Set for Diamond Painting

    Diamond painting is one of the fastest growing DIY hobbies. Create stunning pieces of art that shimmer and shine from all angles. They glitter and sparkle because of the unique multi-faceted gems, also called drills, that are applied to the sticky canvas surface by you! These diamond like drills catch and reflect light from different angles creating a glittering or shimmering effect.

    Diamond Pixels Australia have a large range of beautiful designs to choose from, pick a size, decide on round or square and we print your canvas to order right here in Melbourne. Our premium quality diamond painting kits are printed, packed and shipped from Melbourne Australia.

    What is Diamond Painting?

    Diamond painting is similar to cross stitch and paint by numbers, however instead of using thread or paint, colour is applied drill by drill to the adhesive surface of the canvas.

    Simply cross reference the symbol on the canvas with the colour key printed on the side of your canvas to know what colour drill to use. In this way, it’s a bit like paint by numbers by using a table to tell you what colour to use in each area of the canvas.

    You may have seen or heard the term 3D and 5D drills. This refers to the number of facets on the surface of the drill with 5D drills having more facets and therefore sparkle more than their 3D counterparts. These days, 5D is the norm, 3D drills are rarely seen in kits any more.

    Premium Diamond Art Kits

    The diamond painting kits are printed in Melbourne on our special large format printer on premium art quality canvas. We love creating new designs which are added regularly to our website so check back often to see what's new!

    What’s included in the kits?

    All diamond painting kits are supplied with the following:

    • Canvas, full colour printed
    • Full set of drills
    • Drill application pen
    • Drill tray
    • Wax square
    • Tweezers
    • Instructions

    The drills are sorted by colour and individually packed in labelled Zip Lock bags.

    What you need to know before getting started

    Organisation is key. Perhaps less important with smaller kits which have fewer colours, but as you continue and get larger kits, good organisation is essential!

    Let your canvas flatten out. Your canvas is supplied rolled up so before you begin, give it a little time to flatten out either by weighing it down on a flat surface or hanging it up.

    Check you have received all your drills. Mistakes do sometimes happen and if you are missing any drills, contact us immediately so we can send you out replacements.

    Work in small sections and keep the cover of the adhesive on sections you’re not working on. This will prevent dust, dirt, and animal hair from contaminating the canvas which can cause the adhesive to lose its stickiness.

    When you step away from your diamond painting kit, always cover up the canvas so that if something spills, it doesn’t ruin the exposed adhesive.

    What’s the difference between round and square drills?

    Square drills are slightly smaller than round drills and butt up neatly against each other creating a finished artwork that has little to no gap between the drills. Because of this, square drills are slightly harder to work with than round.

    Round drills on the other hand are a little bit bigger. A round drill is 2.8mm diameter, whereas a square drill is 2.5mm across. Because they’re circular, you end up with gaps between the drills which gives the final artwork a slightly different appearance. Round drills are easier to place and work with because of the extra room around each drill.

    One question that commonly gets asked is how many drills are in a diamond painting. To work it out, use this simple formula.

    Square Drills: Length x height x 16

    Round Drills: Length x height x 12.75

    I.e. if you have a 30cm x 40cm diamond painting, you will have 30x40x16 = 19,200 square drills, or 30x40x12.75 = 15,300 round drills.

    What are the different glue types? Which do you use?

    With diamond painting kits there are generally two different glue types (or more correctly, adhesives) that are used. They are double sided tape and what we call poured glue.

    Double sided tape is the more common type of adhesive used as it’s quicker and easier to work with when producing the diamond painting kits. Double sided tape is much thinner than poured glue and can suffer from the tape peeling off the canvas.

    Poured glue is considered by many to be a superior adhesive. It’s not as much poured on, but actually brushed or rolled onto the canvas after printing. It’s a much thicker layer of adhesive compared to double sided tape and tends to be tackier. Because of its thickness the drills tend to move around a little which makes it easier to fix the position of a drill if it’s been applied a little off target.

    All our kits are finished using hand rolled PixelTak adhesive for maximum stickiness!

    Diamond Art tools and accessories to help you with your hobby

    When you get into your new hobby, or even if you’ve been doing it a while, there are some accessories available to help you work more efficiently or reduce common organisation challenges like storing your drills.

    A few of the more popular accessories are:

    Drill storage cases - These hard shell cases have small bottles to keep your drills secure and organised

    Diamond Painting Pens - The drill application pens that come with the kits are a bit on the basic side. When you’re ready to take your hobby further, a new, more comfortable pen is a must have accessory

    Light Pads - Light pads are a game changer and help you see the symbols easier. Since they shine light through the canvas, they don’t create reflections like a light from above would.

    Zip Lock Bags - Zip lock bags are essentially for storing your left over drills once you have finished your diamond painting kit. Pro tip, but zip lock bags with write on panels so you can easily identify what colour is in it.

    Sealer - Many diamond artists choose to seal their completed artwork to make sure that the thousands of drills stay exactly where they were placed.

    Frames - Surely now that you’re finished your diamond painting you want to display it, don’t you?

    Is there a difference between diamond art and diamond painting?

    No. Diamond art and diamond painting are just different terms for the same hobby.

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