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Drill storage cases are perfect for keeping your drills tidy and organised. Each hard shell case has 2 EVA foam liners, one in the base, and one in the lid, with slots to store a range of different bottles.

These particular cases hold 120 screw top bottles, each with a 10ml capacity. Of course, whilst these cases are popular amoungst diamond painters, they are great for storing anything small such as beads, jewellry supplies, or modelling hobby supplies. Avid gardeners also find them useful for storing their collection of seeds.

The ability to take out what you need, when you need it, and keep everything else securely zipped up virtually eliminates spills, and they're portable too with a convenient carry handle so you can take your diamond painting, jerellry supplies, beads, or seed collection wherever you need to.

Each case is available with different coloured zips so you can easily identify what's inside the case by colour coding your collection.