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    Light pads are a must have accessory for diamond painting. If your budget it tight, plug in light pads are very affordable in smaller sizes such as A4 and A5. The smaller sizes will only illuminate a limited area of your canvas, meaning you may have to move the canvas around over the light
    pad surface, or move the light pad around the table to an area you want the light.

    If your budget stretches a little further, rechargeable light pads give you the freedom to work anywhere and don’t require you to be tethered
    to a wall.

    Why is a light pad recommended?

    The print on diamond paintings can be hard to read at times due to the size of the print or due to the colours used. Extra light always makes things easier to see and the printing on diamond painting canvases is no exception.

    The glue or adhesive protection on the canvas can be shiny which tends to create unwanted reflections when using light from above. By using a LED light pad underneath your canvas, there are no reflections created, so it’s easier on your eyes.

    What size light pad should I get?

    The size of LED light pad you should buy depends on your budget and the size of your diamond painting kit. Larger diamond painting kits
    benefit from larger light pads as you can illuminate a larger area at a time and there is less need to move your artwork around to reach different areas.

    A larger light pad is also more suited to diamond painters who are more dedicated since their artwork will typically be left setup in their
    work area. That means if you are not putting your light pad away and leaving it on your desk, you can go with a larger light pad. If you’re a more causal hobbyist, then constantly packing your light pad away may be a hassle, so a smaller one would be better.

    Which is better? Plug in or rechargeable?

    This is personal preference. The larger LED light pads aren’t available in rechargeable models. The Rechargeable LED light pads have the benefit of being able to be taken and used anywhere. When you’re using a small plug in LED light pad and moving it around a lit, this can put unnecessary strain on the plug, causing it to break whereas rechargeable LED light pads can be charged in a safe place and used without the cord, saving the plug from premature damage.