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Easy, Simple, 3 Step Process

1. Send us your photo

Send us the image you want to be converted into a diamond painting

2. Approve your Proof

We will convert your image into a diamond painting and send you a proof so you know what it will look like before you part with your money

3. Complete Your Custom Kit

We'll take care of the rest. All you need to do is complete your one of a kind custom diamond painting.

Our Process:

Our process is a little different to other retailers.

  1. We receive your request. This is no charge and no obligation
  2. We will convert your photo or image into a diamond painting
  • You have the choice to specify a size, or ask for our expert help
  • You are sent a proof of the converted diamond painting. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  • We require you to accept the proof, or request modifications
  • An order will be created in our system and payment is required.
  • Your custom diamond painting will be manufactured, shipped to us for quality assurance, and forwarded to you

Unfortunately, we have seen all to often people spend their money on a custom diamond painting only to be dissatisfied with the outcome. And the response from the retailer is usually, regrettably, to blame you, the customer.

A custom diamond painting is a digital print and we need to modify the image you supply us with to turn it into a custom diamond painting. Because we have modified your image, we need your acceptance of our proof to indicate that you are satisfied with the conversion.

The proof you receive will show you what your image will look like as a diamond painting. If you're not happy, you have the ability to select a different size before you pay and we manufacture your diamond painting.

This takes a little extra time, and the result is you know exactly what you're getting instead of just hoping that you chose the right size.

How are you different to other custom diamond painting retailers?
  • Whether your custom diamond painting is small or large, you will get a proof of your canvas before any money is due
  • We only use the highest quality, premium canvas material which results in exceptional clarity so the symbols are easier to read
  • Our canvas material is soft and has a felt backing with a fine texture for sharper printing
  • Choose from poured glue, or double sided tape. This is a custom order, so we won't force you to use an adhesive you don't like working with

How long will my custom take to arrive?

We aim to ship your order from our Melbourne warehouse in approximately 4-6 weeks from when we receive payment. Shipping is via Australia Post.

We submit orders to our manufacturer approximately every 2 weeks. Timing of holidays can change this schedule from time to time. Manufacturing and shipping generally takes about 2-4 weeks, so all up you can expect to wait approximately 4-6 weeks before we dispatch your order via Australia Post.

While we aim to ship your order within this timeframe, delays to shipping and holiday periods can have an impact on the actual delivery time.

Why do you send a proof?

Whether you select your own size, or allow us to select a size for you, it's essential that you know what you're buying. We have modified your image and it is standard practice in the printing industry to send a proof so the customer can see the result of those modifications.

What modifications can I request?

Modifications are limited to change of size and/or cropping the original image. Photo re-touching is not offered.

What if I'm not happy with my custom diamond painting?

We do not manufacture your custom diamond painting until you have signed off on the proof we send you. If you are not happy with how your custom diamond painting looks in the proof, you are welcome to request revisions, including changing the size.

Other retails cannot accommodate size change requests because they have already taken your money. Diamond Pixels do not charge you until you are happy with the conversion to a diamond painting.

This protects both parties. Of course, if there is a physical manufacturing defect, then we will of course rectify the issue, but we cannot refund a custom item which you have given approval to proceed because of change of mind.

What's the difference between poured glue and double sides tape?

Poured glue is tackier and thicker than double sided tape. It is an adhesive which is applied to the canvas with a roller.... the term poured glue is used because the glue is a liquid.

Double sided tape is clear tape with an adhesive on both sides, very similar to packaging tape.

Double sided tape can be identified easily becuse of the white paper used t protect the sticky side of the tape. Poured glue uses a clear platsic sheet to protect and cover the adhesive.

What size do you recommend?

Great question, however the best size depends on a number of factors.

Photos need a relatively large size to capture the detail. If you want to use a photo, but don't want a large canvas, it will be best to crop the photo and only use the most important part

Illustrations on the other hand have far fewer colours and less detail, so do better at smaller sizes compared to photos.

What about Copyright?

You must have the legal right to any image that you supply to us. If you do not have the legal right to use the image, please seek permission from the copyright holder.

Diamond Pixels Australia will assume that you possess the appropriate permission to use the image you provide.