Diamond Painting Frame FAQs

Do you make your frames yourself?

No. We get the frames manufactured in bulk for us. The moulding used for the frame is not a stock item and therefore must be manufactured to order when a batch of frames is produced.

What are you frames made of?

The frame material is polystyrene. The clear front is made from perspex sheet, and the mat is a standard cardboard matting used widely throughout the framing industry. Finally, the mack is made of MDF.

How does your sizing work?

The size we use for our frames is the size of the image cutout. So if you have a 40cm x 50cm diamond painting, then you would chose a 40cm x 50cm frame. Simples!

Each frame also includes a mat wich is 10cm larger on the width and length. So a 40cm x 50cm frame has a mat which measures 50cm x 60cm overall.

Finally, the frame itseld is also about 10cm larger than the mat on the width and length. So a 40cm x 50cm frame measures approximately 60cm x 70cm overall.

Why do you use perspex instead of glass?

Glass is great for framing however it is heavier than perspex and far more easily broken. We chose perspex to reduce the weight of the frames and reduce the risk of breakage.

Reducing the weight of the frames has 2 advantages.

  1. It makes the frames more economical to ship.
  2. A lighter frame is easier to hang on the wall.

I would like a different coloured or different size mat. Can you help?

As we are not a framer and we get our frames manufactured in bulk, we do not have the equipment or supplies to cut new mats for our frames. If you are after a different colour or different size mat for one of our frames, we recommend that you take the mat to a local framer who will be able to cut you a new mat.

I've heard polystyrene is not recyclable. Why do you use it for your frames?

We can assure you that polystyrene is a very common plastic which is very easily recycled. Polystyrene is most commonly known in its foam form, used for moulded packaging... the white foam your new TV would be packed with. However polystyrene is also used in other forms. CD cases for instance were made from polystyrene.

Polystyrene gets a bad rap when it comes to recyclability due to transport costs for polystyrene foam. As it is extremely light relative to its size, the transport costs of polystyrene foam to a recycling depot a very high... they're essentially transporting 98% air and 2% polystyrene. For this reason, recyclers are not eagre to recycle the foam packing.

However, our frames use a much more dense form of polystyrene which is very easy to recycle.

The image I have to too small or too large for you frame. What can I do?

Often, diamond painting images will not be true to size and can be smaller than the advertised size. There are so many variations out there that it's impossible to keep a frame for every single variation in stock.

If you image is a little too small for one of our frames, there are 2 main options:

  1. Visit your local framer to get a new mat cut to the exact size you need
  2. Cover the edge of your canvas. You can either use tape or paint. We recommend paint as it adheres well, is available is an unlimited amount of colours, and won't result in messy corners like overlapping pieces of tape will.

If your image is a little too big for our frames, you have 2 main options:

  1. Visit your local framer to either get a new mat cut, OR to get the mat from our frame trimmed to the size you need
  2. Place the mat over the edge of your diamond painting. You'll lose some of your image, however you'll only love a small amount of your diamond painting and there's rarely any detail around the edges of the image anyway.