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Drill Shape
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In a lush, green environment, two vibrant frogs perch on a branch, looking around with their large, bright red eyes. Their smooth, green bodies contrast beautifully with their striking red webbed feet. Surrounding them are delicate pink petals, adding a touch of colour and whimsy to the scene. The frogs appear curious and alert, as if they are ready to leap into their next adventure. The overall mood is playful and full of life, capturing the beauty and liveliness of nature.

Diamond Pixel kits contain all you need to create a stunning artwork. The 5D diamond drills sparkle when the light catches the facets giving your artwork a bright and vibrant look.

Diamond painting is fast becoming one of Australia's most popular art and craft hobbies and is therapeutic as well as relaxing, something we all need more of in these times.

Included in your kit is a pre-glued canvas, tool kit including wax, applicator pen, drill tray, and tweezers, full colour instructions, and of course more than enough drills all sorted into individual zip lock bags.

And if you do run short of drills, you're covered by our replacement drill guarantee!