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This Diamond Painting Pendant Kit is a beautifully designed craft set that merges the warmth of a welcome message with the elegance of floral art. This kit features an exquisite pendant, adorned with a colourful array of flowers surrounding the heart-warming phrase "Welcome Home". Each element of the design, from the delicate petals to the graceful lettering, is intricately detailed, allowing for a diamond painting experience that brings out the vibrant colours and textures with a captivating sparkle.

In addition to the main pendant, the kit includes a charming bonus: a separate butterfly hanger. This additional piece is a delightful complement to the pendant.

Perfect for those who love DIY projects, jewellery making, or just a touch of sparkle in their home, this Diamond Painting Pendant Kit offers a rewarding and enjoyable crafting experience. It comes complete with all necessary diamond painting tools and materials, ensuring you have everything you need to create a stunning, personalized piece of art that can be displayed proudly or given as a heartfelt gift.